RIoT Secure - IoT Developer Challenges from Aaron Ardiri on Vimeo.

securing iot ecosystems
device lifecycle management for iot

It is estimated by 2025, over seventy-five (75) billion devices will be connected to the Internet - it was only a matter of time before these connected devices would become the target of hackers and cyber criminals.

The majority of these devices will be introduced into the market with little security, or have been designed without security as a foundation. In addition, a large number of them will use low powered micro-controllers that are difficult to secure or expose vulnerabilities due to neglegence and the choice of operating system utilized.

RIoT Secure provides a range of technologies from cryptographic technology optimized for low-powered and resource constrained devices, network agnostic communication modules through to a secure end-to-end device lifecycle management platform tailored specifically to maximize the security and protection of IoT devices.

last modified: Jun 28, 2019